We are a congregation of 330 confirmed members  with many more participating
    friends and over 90 children registered in our Sunday School and Youth programs.
    Wolcott Congregational was founded in 1773 and a Meeting House was constructed on "Benson's Hill" in Farmingbury
    that is the place where Farmington and Waterbury meet. This congregation has a long and interesting history, as does
    the    Town of Wolcott .

    As a Congregational Church all members have the right to vote and make all decisions regarding fiscal, physical and
    spiritual concerns of the church as a whole. Currently we function as a representative democracy with members
    electing officers and other leaders to make the day to day decisions for ministry and mission while the membership
    as a whole has the right to make the final determinations.

    A description of our current set up may be found at the bottom of this page.

    In 1972 our congregation voted to enter into full covenant with the United Church of Christ (UCC).
    This mainline denomination came into being in 1957, formed by a covenant between the Congregational Christian
    churches and the Evangelical and Reformed churches. Being in covenant is a way of giving and gaining support for
    missions and ministry beyond what we would be able to accomplish by ourselves. Although the United Church of
    Christ as a denomination provides on-going theological and spiritual challenges, understandings and conversation,
    as a covenanting congregation we have full autonomy in all decision-making, spiritual practices and beliefs, as well
    as ownership of property.

    As part of the UCC we maintain our relationship through the Connecticut Conference of the UCC and are locally
    related through the Naugatuck Valley Association.
Wolcott Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
founded in 1773
  • Board of Christian Education
  • Board of Deacons
  • Board of Trustees
  • Missions Board
  • Music Board
  • Pastoral Relations Board
  • Stewardship Board
  • Ad Hoc for fundraising
  • Chancel Committee
  • Congregational Care
  • Grounds Committee
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Memorial Committee
  • Memorial Garden Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
Ladies Aid Society
Men's Club
As a Congregational church, our church is completely autonomous in its decision making regarding all
aspects of our mission and ministry. We own the property, determine what practices and ministries are
best suited for our members and our work. All of our financial requirements are met through: "Faith
Promises" made annually by our members and friends, by offerings, fund raisers and an additional small
amount from building rental and use by community groups, families and individuals.

A Council made up of our officers and a representative from each of the various Boards, Committees and
Organizations meets ten times a year to share ideas, program needs, concerns, as well as to advise and
maintain good communication between all of our ministries.

Below is a listing of our various Boards, Committees and Organizations.
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