What's Happening at
Wolcott Congregational Church
185 Center Street, Wolcott, CT 06716
203 -879-1293
Come and take part in all our many  
ministries and missions!

All are invited to worship
Saturdays 4:30 pm
Sundays 9 am and 11 am

Sunday School
starts with family worship at 9 am
followed by graded classes
for Toddlers 2 years old through Ninth Grade

Adult Bible Study - a study of the Psalms
Saturdays at 9 am

SOS Comfort Meal - Tuesday, Nov 14 at 6 pm
For those who have known losses and are struggling to
cope with the coming holiday season. Comfort foods
provided by the WCCare Committee and caring
conversation with The Rev Kimberly Wadhams. Some
coping methods will be shared as well as resources.
No cost to you. We ask for reservations to be made by
calling 203-879-1293.

Second Sabbath: a special time of grace
December 9, 2017 at 3:00 pm in Covenant Hall
worship for adults and families of children
with special needs such
as autism, ADHD, and other developmental,
physical, and intellectual  challenges.
Get registration form
here to help us plan for your
special needs.
This is an ecumenical opportunity presented by
All Saints' Episcopal, St Pius X and Wolcott

This Week and more....

November 13 - Council - 7 pm

November 14 - SOS Comfort meal - 6 pm

November 18 - Adult Bible Study - 9 am
                     worship - 4:30 pm

November 19 - worship - 9 am and 11 am
             Sunday School 9:45 am
             Cantata Choir - 12 noon
             Sparks Middle School - 6 pm
             High School Youth - 6 pm

November 20 - Missions - 6 pm

November 22 - Ecumenical Thanksgiving
Service at All Saints Episcopal 7 pm

November 25/26 Hanging of the Greens -
     all worship services
      deacons set-up at 10 am Saturday

November 27 and 28 - Men's Club wreathe
making for Gifts & Greens - 6 pm

November 27 - Deacons - 7 pm

November 30 - set up for Gifts & Greens

December 2 - Gifts & Greens - 10 am to 4 pm
December 3 - Gifts & Greens - 12 pm to 4 pm

Ladies Aid Society invites you to join in the great activities and missions for the year. Annually Ladies Aid holds two
(fall and spring) Tag Sales, participates in the Gifts and Greens Fair,  and provides receptions for funerals and other
special events. Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board and in the sanctuary.

Men's Club - all men of the congregation are invited the second Wednesday of the month - 7:00 pm for meeting  
and programming. The men enjoy a couple of fellowship meals together, participate in the Gifts and Greens Fair,
sponsor the Chicken BBQ held in June, and support various projects and needs within the congregation.

Both organizations help serve the church and support our children and youth attending camps and conferences,
provide needed supplies and equipment for the church, and reach out to the community also.