All adults and families of school
aged children
with special needs
are invited to worship and learn
with us
on the second Saturday
of each month
from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the
Covenant Hall of
Wolcott Congregational Church
185 Center Street
Wolcott, CT
Second Sabbath was developed and
sponsored by members and pastors of
All Saints' Episcopal Church,
St Pius X Roman Catholic Church,
and Wolcott Congregational Church
using "Rhythms of Grace" an Episcopal
curriculum designed for persons with
special needs.
Next Second Sabbath is
November 9, 2019
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

to register please download the
here and send completed
form to Second Sabbath
185 Center St, Wolcott, CT 06716
Our time together begins with a gathering activity and
Bible Story telling, then exploration and discovery through
interactive learning centers,
followed by prayers, songs,
and closing blessing.
Participants are free to choose which centers to explore.
The pictures here are of
some of the learning
centers for you and your
children.  We hope you will
come and explore all the
possibilities in this time for
family worship.
Jesus is getting baptized in the
Jordan River. Looks like fun!
Painting up a storm
while resting with Jesus who was
alseep in the head of the boat.
Water is so important in our lives.
It is a good reminder of how
God cares for all of us.
In the boat with Jesus who can
calm the storms in our lives
there is room for everyone.
Jesus said, "Come."
Gather our Friends.
Gather our hearts.
Gather our hands.
Gather our thoughts.
    "Second Sabbath: a special time of grace" is offered to the whole community of Wolcott and
    surrounding towns.
    Our prayer is that adults and families who have children with special needs will feel welcome and
    able to come and worship together; to learn the songs, prayers, and scriptures which help us all
    grow in faith. Please continue to invite other families who have children with special needs to
    contact us and consider taking part in this ecumenical time of worship and learning on the second
    Saturday of each month. Registration forms are available here.
We made storms in a bottle!

    On the right we can show you how to
                                     'make waves'