Here I am,
    O God  
    Come be
    my guest.
    Be in my day;
    Be in my rest.
     Prayer Cards found on the back of the seats in the
    sanctuary may be used to request prayer for specific
    persons, needs, joys, or thanksgivings.

     Prayer shawls are tenderly and prayerfully made
    for any who would appreciate being surrounded in
    comforting prayers of the congregation.
    Pray-ers keep our members, needs, and concerns in
    prayer throughout the days, weeks, and months.

    Prayer in the Park is held quarterly in an outdoor
    setting to come in prayer in the midst of God's
    beautiful natural settings.
Insights into God's Word 2017
(sometimes called sermons)
by The Rev Sue Strachan

January 8, 2017 What God Has Already Done  
January 15, 2017
Preaching Peace         

May 14, 2017
Making a Home
June 18, 2017 You Want Me to Do What?
June 25, 2017 How Did That Get in the Bible?
    Wake up each morning and
    go to bed each night saying,
    "I am a beloved child of God
    in whom God is well pleased."
    Say it often enough and
    you will believe it and live it.
Prayer, Study, Sermons,
All are encouraged and invited
to participate in any and all of our
spiritual practices as we enter into the
presence of God together through -prayer,
scripture study, worship and hearing the
Word, congregational care, stewardship,
and fellowship.
Take a breath in while saying                                           let your breath go saying


Saturdays - Adult Bible Study - 9 am
A study of the Gospel of Matthew - Come share
your ideas, questions, and insights as we reflect
together on our faith and the world in which we live.

We meet downstairs in room 9.
Grief Bereavement Support
Grief is something that touches all of us and it is
one of those things that we don't just "get over,
and we can't go around it, we've got to go
through it." But, you do not have to go through it
alone. Come be part of our new grief support
here at Wolcott Congregational.  Anyone is
welcome to come. The Rev. Kimberly Wadhams,
Hospice chaplain and pastor will be our guide
through this time of grieving the loss of one you
have loved.  Call 203-879-1293 for more info.
Just come and see for yourself.  It's not too late.
Our meeting dates are: March 11, 18, April 15
and April 22 at 4 pm